Friday, June 20, 2008

A First Time For Everything....

Thanks to my best friend, Dabney
I am now suckered into the blogging world
for many years to come.

I am not the type to write down my daily
events or really a journaling girl. I have
tried many many times since I was in elementary
school and it always seemed pathetic and about
my elementary crush. I gave up. I would never
be able to write my life down like by childhood best
friend, Karla. Ohh she loved her journal and would inform
me of what was going on in her life day by day from her journal
if we hadn't talked in awhile. I still gave up...until l
I traveled Europe. Yep it started off pretty well,
and then the days just seemed to pass by without
an entry. So I was catching up two days late trying to remember
where we ate, who we talked to and where we stayed.
Can't promise much from this, But I will do my best

There is a first time for everything...
It is my first time to blog, my first time to make
chocolate mousse and creme brulee today,
my first time to teach Fourth Grade my first time
to run a 1/2 marathon relay on Saturday
many first this week!