Wednesday, February 17, 2010


It is the best time of year for NOLA and by far one of my favorites. Ever since I was little, there was this facisnation about sitting high up in the ladder chair with my cousins screaming, "Hey Mista, throw me some beads!" We could see far in front of the parade as it was approaching, anxious for the next float to stop directly in front of us. This would give us the the ultimate opportunity to catch as many beads as possible. At the end of the day mom, dad, aunts, uncles, Nana, or Paw would have to carry us to the car in one hand, and in the other hand the over flowing bag of beads. Or, there was the days when our family would ride on the floats throwing beads and trinkets to those who yelled the magic words.

One of my favorite times was when we were "The Cajun Raisins," as we were dressed in costumes from head to toe. The little, five year old girl I was, couldn't believe my eyes from the other end of the spectrum. I was disappointed and had my feeling badly hurt when a man, I am sure he was "having a good time," jumped up and grabbed my bag of blue, palstic teddy bears from my little hands. All in all,Mardi Gras was yet another successful and eventful year once again.

Not much has changed from being older. There is still that obession of catching the most beads to take home. Then, emptying them out and sorting them accordingly to the keepers and the trashers. Still the keepers, eventually may get to sit in a bag for months, but, you finally keep the best of the best to wear for the next year's parade. This way the Krew will see your fancy ones and know that you must be somethin to get that! Pretty girls, crazy girls, sweet girls...get the grand-daddy beads. Oh yeah, there is still that crazy crowd anxious for when one is swaying beads over our heads as if it is a tease for us fellow bead catchers. Our blood gets pumping and you can't help yourself if you get a little fiesty. The only change has been added to our cokes and the Diaquri cups! What would adding a little more fun do to Mardi Gras with out with out???

There is nothing like packing your drinks, lunch, snacks, blankets, chairs, coolers, and ladders for a day in Uptown with your family. It becomes an all day, all weekend adventure. Each day gets harder to get out to your spot early due to the night/day before. I am biast and want the whole world to fall in love with the festival that my city New Orleans as to offer. It is full of culture, spirit, and energy!
As we say back home...
"Laissez le Bon Temps Roulez"
-let the good times role-