Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Baby Blessings All Around

Our week was filled with baby bliss from our friends. I can remember when all my girls were getting engaged one after each other, which then lead to wedding bliss after wedding bliss.
Engagements and weddings seems to be a sign of how young you are.

Now our friends are announcing pregnancy news and having little ones. This time Chris and I are not first to start this movement. However, we sure do get to have lots of mental notes for when it is our turn :)

Thursday started our eventful weekend with the announcement of our neighbors Juan Carlos and Paula wanting us to be the Madrina and Madrino to this little cutie.
Miss Anna Pia
and this April Fool's day we were asked to also be Godparents to this little man,
Mr. Mason
It is an honor to know that as a couple and because of spiritual walk with the Lord we will be guiding two little ones to one day meet Jesus too! What an amazing leadership role Chris and I will do as husband and wife. God is faithful and he is using us together to be a light to His little ones and their parents.

And 15 years ago I was asked to be a Godmother to this beautiful, silly, and talented niece of mine. I can remember vividly the days when she was in diapers and her very little amount of hair she had walking around with her play shoes, purse, and mirror. Now look at her!
She can come fix my hair any day of the week!
(We may need to have a beauty spa day together real soon!!)

This weekend held more baby bliss moments too! Caleb and Bethany held a baby gender reveal party. They had a great amount of people waiting to celebrate with them. So Cute and So fun!

Team Pink!!! (You can see I thought baby is a girl)

Team Blue!!! (Chris thought baby is a boy)

is baby Reid a BoY or a GiRl???
You will need to visit Bethany's boring blog

Lindsay had her baby shower for Noah also on Saturday. I hope to have some pictures soon to share. Talented Amanda and Becca were the gracious hostess! They sure did pull off another great event.