Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Calling All Lovers of Decorating!

I am in the midst of creating or I should say recreating my kitchen, dinning area, and down stairs.
For the next DIY fixer upper is my little brown BROWN Brown corner that I hate! The floors are brown, the blinds are brown, the cabinets are brown, couch is brown etc. 

This project calls for some input from YOU!!!! It would make for a popular TV show where the viewers get to have inputs/votes as to what happens in my house...I would call it "Mystery Makeover"So here is a go at our first season and Episode 1 :) 
view looking into the brown kitchen
view from kitchen to the brown corner with 1 blue color
looking into open living room. Close up of table
colors in living room: yellow, gray, teal/aqua/navy, crimson/burnt orange, cream, brown,
I got our table from Linens n Things for a near $200 floor sample with some love and wear on it. I am not scared to paint it. A two-toned table sound pleasing to me. 

Option 1: keep the stain on top dark
Option 2: lighter stain

Bottom of table choice
Option 1: paint the base creamy white
Option 2: paint the base black
Options 3: paint the base gray beige
Option 4: other (share what color)

For the chair options I want them to look like the below picture I found from A La Mode and I pinned it on Pinterest. Eventually I would love to find a banquette seat for the window side. 
Option 1: slipcover to be in a natural linen
Option 2: natural white family

A rug is desperately needed to ground and pull everything together, don't you think? Since they are outrageously expensive a DIY rug project is much needed. A rug from IKEA and some paint will do the trick.
BUT what color do I need to ground the look from living to eating area?
Option 1: gray and cream
Option 2: beige and cream
Option 3: Navy and cream
Option 4: black and cream
Option 5: either a blue,teal, or aqua and cream
Option 6: no rug

The design of course is an eye capturing must 
Option 1: chevron
Option 2: classic stripes
Option 3: medallion geometric shape

I am anxious and excited to hear every ones thoughts. Not sure how many readers I have, but I would be thrilled to see the quite readers come alive and leave your comments. Those that love to post comments here is another opportunity. Can't wait to show you the reveal before summer is over!

Monday, July 9, 2012

Let Freedom Ring!

July has finally approached the calendar of 2012. I like to consider it my birthday week. We enjoyed the week/end with some family, friends, redecorating projects, and America's Independence.

I decided to host the 4th of July at our house a little last minute since my parents were staying with us b/c the air conditioner went out perfect timing AC in the middle of selling their home and the heat of summer.
We needed some 4th of July spirit in our home. I needed simple and fast. Thinking to my sweet, sweet friend and cutest little party planner ever... Amanda L. I used Crepe paper Ruffles for streamers inside and out, Pennant flags for a couple of banners around the house, and mason jars as vases for flowers.

My title coasters made at Amanda's craft party fit perfectly!

Along with family and great summer time food we had 
Angel Food birthday cake for dessert.  Just for your sake I will spare you a picture of myself blowing out the candle.
Mom makes all the birthday cakes, THANKS!

 On my real birthday I received the best gift in the mail. My puppy's paw print from the vet's office arrived, keep in mind it was the only card, gift in the mail that day...just perfect.

This past weekend we headed to Rockport. It has been awhile that the family has gone to the beach together. We were three short of a complete family vacation, but we still had fun.
we are ready for the beach!
the kids and Chris about to take on the bay.
family snowball boat stop!
long day + boat ride = zzzz's
The boat's captain with snowball in hand
 Since the guys didn't catch any keepers in the early morning, Chris and I headed out for some fishing on the kayak before dinner. What a great way to end the trip by catching a Black Drum!