Friday, July 16, 2010

Better After...

So I finally got on this kick of finishing up my master bedroom and has been bugging me forever now! With some friends helping me narrow down my dilemas, I finally found it. Here you will see before pictures and will have to wait for finished "almost" finished pictures.
The Master

Here is my bare room. The Plan: to figure out what type of curtains. Stripe, solid, two-toned, etc. Then I need to know what color curtain, cream/white, blue, or orange!! Well with my sweet and dear friends, that have put in their opions, I have focused my search and look. (picture to come!!!) Also, I will need to get a mirror above my dresser, I have one now which may be temporary until I find the PERFECT fit. I will need to find permanent end tables and not tv trays covered with a decorative shower curtain...we had this for 3years now and it is time.

The ottoman may not stay and will go back downstairs...not sure yet until the room is pulled together. I finally hung something over the bed the other day, but not sure if there needs to be anything over our end tables??? too much???

Here is my bed i want sometime in the near future...Restoration Hardware. I found over the winter this past year and told Chris about it right away!

For my office I will show you the wall color I am looking at painting it today..HC-146 Wedgewood gray from Benjamin Moore.

I have orangeish window treatments (thanks dabs) that I will add white to the bottom to extend. My furniture is white. I know you need a picture. Don't worry I will put a before and after on here too. This is all I have time for right now. My day is dwindling and I need to move fast and some how make time to clean my house!!!!!