Friday, August 14, 2009


Summer is almost over. This is my last Friday of PEACE, STRESS FREE, DEADLINES, and DEMANDS.

What did I do...Talked on the phone to Tabby for an hour (still in my pj's), ate lunch, read some school material, fell asleep, watched a movie, and here I am. Now don't be jealous and think I have the life made. I did some days, but this week I was up at school pulling everything out of my closet, drawers, and cubbies. Thanks to Colby and Courtney, I was able to get a lot of time consuming stuff done. It looks good...even better than last year.

Anyhow, people alllllllll around me are having little babies. About 10 people that I know of! I am glad it is there time so I can watch and learn. I know my time will come. However, I can't wait till I have a baby that I will love more than words can express. In the meantime I wanted to see how I would look with a pregnant belly. In this picture I have nice body, cute belly, tan skin, long, wavy, brown hair...I look just like Hallie Berry!

Monday, August 10, 2009


Monday, August 3, 2009

I Can't Believe It!

In just about 3 weeks I will have little shinning faces at my classroom door at 7:35 in the morning! My summer has just been great and full of relaxation, too good that I don't want them to come.
Last year was my first year in my OWN classroom, and I had nightmare about the first seconds and day of school. I would wake myself up to just get away from the stress and anxiety. I kept telling myself after this year it will be nothing and no more nightmares! WRONG!!! They are back. This time it is about my new class not comparing to my "other" kids. Even though they were trying so hard by going above and beyond at looking busy, following directions, completing their task, and being was a disaster! I was so frustrated that I just wanted to ring their necks! I even had two dreams back-to-back, or you can call it a sequel to dream #1. I was not prepared for the first day of school. I just showed up that Aug 24 with nothing...Unlike me!
I guess every year will be like this. Teachers get nerves like the kids do, well this teacher does, maybe I am the only one.

The teacher stores have been hit up, the books have be cracked to better my instruction this year, and my plans are on their way for yet another successful year. Now, I can't say how long my excitement will last ,and if/when the new books will get pushed aside. Nor how long it will be when I am tredding waters some days/weeks just to get by. Even when the mounds of paper work will fill my desk yet another year.

Pray for my little new 4th graders. May they work well together, respect each other, always work hard to their potential, love to learn, a be a good group of kids that mesh well together behavior wise...May I be what they need from me, may I be their comfort, may I speak the words that Christ would to them (that they would see Christ in me.)

Here is to another year!