Wednesday, July 29, 2009

More Photography

Alison's Bridals

Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Here is some of our work from this summer:
The Sauls Wedding

I will add more of our work such as babies, families, bridals, engagements, and wedding later...this just took too long.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Saying Farewell

It is hard to have such great people in your life that motivate, encourage, challenge, keep you accountable, and lead you in your walk, and in the end say good-bye/or see you again. Our life group leaders, Chad and Nicki, are moving to California and have been preparing to leave our group for sometime. Even though it seems like yesterday that they informed us of the possibilities, the day has come to say farewell.

They really do have a servant's heart and will do amazing things for the people in Vacaville. God has a new agenda for them to start work on in a new location. It's has if their job here is done and we as a group are ready to fly. We may not see it now, but I know there will come a day when the remaining members will say, "That is why Chad and Nicki were placed especially for us."

I will always remember our first dinner with them at Stone Werks, the hilarious games we played, the leadership, the friendship, and most importantly I will never forget their hearts to every single member in our life group.

Chad and Nicki, you will be fantastic parents to however many babies you will have! ( I really think we ALL need to do a couples baby shower for you two up in Cali!

Here is our final blessing to you:
"May the road rise up to meet you, May the wind be ever at your back. May the sun shine warm upon your face, and the rain fall softly upon your fields. And until we meet again, may God hold you in the hallow of his hands." -Irish Blessing

Thursday, July 16, 2009


July has been very busy last two weeks. We have been on the boat almost every day the July 4th weekend and on a vacation to NOLA. Chris and I decided to invite our good friends, Christine and Brent. They have never been, so I jump on the opportunity to invite them to some good Cajun food and fun.

Friday was an eventful day on a swamp tour just 20 min. from my grandparents home. Bruits, the alligator, ate some marshmallows and a hot dog. He was the only gator that gave us some excitement on the swamp. That night some of the family ate dinner at the Eden Isle Marina during sunset, it was gorgeous. It was hard to think that my parents had a lot over there and were going to eventually build a home. I think we need to reconvenes my parents to not sell the lot and build a summer home, at least for me. Brent and Christine had a bite of every ones dish, soft shell crab, stuffed crab, eggplant something, crab au gratin, gumbo, crawfish and crab bisque, and a seafood platter. The eating sure didn't stop there!

Sally took us to Bourbon for a fun night at Pat O's dueling piano bar and Razoo's dance club. This sure was a late night for me since high school! Christine and I tried on Mardi Gras mask to take a picture...well it cost $5 to take a picture. We ended up buying them and wearing them around the streets. We got a lot of compliments and disturbing looks from guys of all ages. I guess it was the mysterious look that captured them.

Saturday we ate "breakfast" at Cafe du Monde and walked around the French Quarter. Brent wanted some delicious oysters at Acme Oyster Bar for lunch only about 1.5 hours later (this is what we do when we visit home...EAT and EAT). We walked what seemed like 20 blocks in the great NOLA heat and humidity! I think we could have challenged ourselves to the 15 dozen oyster eating contest, it was that good! About three hours later we ventured back to Nana and Paw's house for a huge shrimp boil with the entire family. This is one thing I love about my home... the food and the family boils. I was so excited to share my amazing family with some dear friends and I am glad they enjoyed their company as well that night.

Sunday we left for Lake Charles to play at the Casino L'Auberge du Lac to meet up with Chris' family. No luck on the slots for the Falls, but Chris did pull through at poker and at craps.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Officially Hate Ants

I know now what it is like to have ants in my pants...literally. We were at a bridal portrait session and I just had to get this angle of the bride. I laid down in the grass on my right side and before I knew it, I was attacked by red ants! I left the site and headed for the car to pour water down my back, stomach, feet, and pants. As soon as Dana and I left I went straight to the bathtub to soak in baking soda, dabbed myself with vinegar, placed anti-itch lotion on, and took a some medicine. I believe there are 40 bites on my feet, back, butt, hip, and leg. I would have taken a picture, but this is something I don't want to remember. Complaining is not allowed when you get bite by less than 10!
The sacrifice of a photographer for a perfect picture!

Monday, July 6, 2009

Another Stab...

Looking back at my post I see that I wrote about how horrible I am at keeping up with journaling....Yeppers I was right on the money. It looks like it has been exactly a year at blogging and creating a new post.

Chris and I have been jam packed with moving the past month and a half. We had our first home up for sale since March. The Monday after Memorial Day we got a call from our realtor that an offer was made on our house ( from the same previous buyer who made an offer but it didn't work out for us.) After that, everything started to spiral into packing up, cleaning up and out, and getting our home closed. After sixteen hands and about 5 hours of work, our home was empty and fitting into a single-car-garage storage unit. We really appreciate all who helped us. That night we moved into my parents house....for the next 6 MONTHS! Yes, it is true what they say, "they always seem to come back" (married or not).

Chris and I are super excited about our new home for the many years to come. This will be the home to pitter-patter feets! No babies yet, just preparing a place for them to grow up and into.
We will keep you posted on our home building process.
This is the floor plan of the home.
Second Floor

First Floor

Here is the outside drawing of our home elevation