Saturday, August 7, 2010

Better After#2

Here is the finished product of the office minus a couple of small fixes/add ons.

1. need to put up a real curtain rod.
2. re-upholster my chair with the fabric you see. Also, find a small stool for the gigantic printer.
3. make a 2 squares by 3 squares shelving unit to go below my window pane that hangs on the wall. Chris will make it or I will end up buying it from West Elm.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Better After...

So I finally got on this kick of finishing up my master bedroom and has been bugging me forever now! With some friends helping me narrow down my dilemas, I finally found it. Here you will see before pictures and will have to wait for finished "almost" finished pictures.
The Master

Here is my bare room. The Plan: to figure out what type of curtains. Stripe, solid, two-toned, etc. Then I need to know what color curtain, cream/white, blue, or orange!! Well with my sweet and dear friends, that have put in their opions, I have focused my search and look. (picture to come!!!) Also, I will need to get a mirror above my dresser, I have one now which may be temporary until I find the PERFECT fit. I will need to find permanent end tables and not tv trays covered with a decorative shower curtain...we had this for 3years now and it is time.

The ottoman may not stay and will go back downstairs...not sure yet until the room is pulled together. I finally hung something over the bed the other day, but not sure if there needs to be anything over our end tables??? too much???

Here is my bed i want sometime in the near future...Restoration Hardware. I found over the winter this past year and told Chris about it right away!

For my office I will show you the wall color I am looking at painting it today..HC-146 Wedgewood gray from Benjamin Moore.

I have orangeish window treatments (thanks dabs) that I will add white to the bottom to extend. My furniture is white. I know you need a picture. Don't worry I will put a before and after on here too. This is all I have time for right now. My day is dwindling and I need to move fast and some how make time to clean my house!!!!!


Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The love of my life....

I can't stop thinking about maybe what I should have gone to school for. I am a very visual person. So much that math was impossible for me when I had teachers that constantly gave the lesson orally! Show me how, why, give me hands on etc. Now that I am teacher and I see kids that were me growing up, I wonder if it was just the teachers I had or was I just that slow. I get math now, don't think I am ignorant, it just takes me awhile to visually process it in my head if I don't have paper near me.

So I give you this background because I have wondered if being right brained, or left brained would have been an indicator of my career. Visual means art, decorating, photography etc!!!! THIS IS THE LOVE OF MY LIFE!

Well I took a right/left brain test today. My results are on this link below. If any of you know me well you may agree with some of the detailed results that was given.
I am a Right Brained Person...some sites were close and some were by a landslide.

Below is an article by By N. Bhatta for AOL Find a Job,
Look closely at number 6! (Pictuers in math class, picture and words when I learn a new game, or when I am constructing something!)

1. Are you better at math and science than artand literature?
YES – People who are left-brain thinkers are often better at and enjoy math and science over art and literature, making them perfect candidates for a career in engineering.
NO - People who are right-brain thinkers are often better at and enjoy art and literature over math and science, making them perfect candidates for a career in grant writing.

2. Do you love playing sports outdoors over reading indoors?
YES – The great outdoors and athletics are favorites of people who are right-brain thinkers, and a career that can combine the two, like one as a recreation director, is perfect.
NO - Staying indoors and reading are favorites of people who are left-brain thinkers, and a career that can combine the two, like one as a librarian, is perfect.

3. Do you prefer verbal communication over physical communication?
YES – Left-brain thinkers love to work things out by talking, enjoying jobs like career counseling, where they are very effective.
NO - Right-brain thinkers think that actions speak louder than words, enjoying being very effective at showing their worth without words, like the career path of being a yoga instructor.

4. Would you rather draw pictures freehand instead of putting together a model airplane?
YES – People who are right-brain thinkers aren't fans of tremendous structure and prefer having some creativity at work, which makes marketing a perfect career for them.
NO - People who are left-brain thinkers are in need of structure and prefer having specific
guidelines at work, which makes computer programming a perfect career path for them.

5. Do you like being in groups more than being alone?
YES – Group-oriented people are usually right-brain thinkers, making a job in retail a good fit for their lifestyle preference.
NO - Loners are usually left-brain thinkers, making a job in accounting a good fit for their lifestyle preference.

6. When given instructions, are lots of pictures easier to understand than lots of text?
YES – Right-brain thinkers love picture explanations over textual explanations, and this visual preference usually lends well to a career in interior design.
NO - Left-brain thinkers love textual explanations over pictorial explanations, and this preference usually lends well to a clerical career.

7. Have you noticed that you're better at providing the details and necessary information for a project than coming up with the initial idea?
YES – Those who are left-brain thinkers are more into processing loads of information and hammering out the details than being involved in the creative process, and a career in human resources is perfectly suited for this skill set.
NO - Those who are right-brain thinkers are more interested in the initial creative process than the information gathering that follows, and a career in consulting is perfectly suited for this skill set.

8. Do you need a completely quiet environment when you are working?
YES – Quiet environments are usually needed by left-brain thinkers, who would prefer a career where they could work from home in silence over something that required a noisy environment.
NO - Right-brain thinkers don't mind a bustling background as they work, making them more suitable for jobs that require noisy environments like those in the hospitality and hotel fields.

9. Would you enjoy helping someone solve a relationship problem more than a math problem?
YES – Solving relationship problems is right up the alley of the right-brain thinker, and a career as a psychologist would be both enjoyable and rewarding for this type of person.
NO - Solving math and technical problems is right up the alley of the left-brain thinker, and a career as a computer technician would be both enjoyable and rewarding for this type of person.

10. If you were a writer, would you prefer to write nonfiction books instead of fiction?
YES – Left-brain thinkers are obsessed with details and truth, making a career in banking or finance worth considering.
NO - Right-brain thinkers are more imaginative and don't mind making a career up as they go, making a job in sales worth considering.

Which one are you more like?

Wednesday, February 17, 2010


It is the best time of year for NOLA and by far one of my favorites. Ever since I was little, there was this facisnation about sitting high up in the ladder chair with my cousins screaming, "Hey Mista, throw me some beads!" We could see far in front of the parade as it was approaching, anxious for the next float to stop directly in front of us. This would give us the the ultimate opportunity to catch as many beads as possible. At the end of the day mom, dad, aunts, uncles, Nana, or Paw would have to carry us to the car in one hand, and in the other hand the over flowing bag of beads. Or, there was the days when our family would ride on the floats throwing beads and trinkets to those who yelled the magic words.

One of my favorite times was when we were "The Cajun Raisins," as we were dressed in costumes from head to toe. The little, five year old girl I was, couldn't believe my eyes from the other end of the spectrum. I was disappointed and had my feeling badly hurt when a man, I am sure he was "having a good time," jumped up and grabbed my bag of blue, palstic teddy bears from my little hands. All in all,Mardi Gras was yet another successful and eventful year once again.

Not much has changed from being older. There is still that obession of catching the most beads to take home. Then, emptying them out and sorting them accordingly to the keepers and the trashers. Still the keepers, eventually may get to sit in a bag for months, but, you finally keep the best of the best to wear for the next year's parade. This way the Krew will see your fancy ones and know that you must be somethin to get that! Pretty girls, crazy girls, sweet girls...get the grand-daddy beads. Oh yeah, there is still that crazy crowd anxious for when one is swaying beads over our heads as if it is a tease for us fellow bead catchers. Our blood gets pumping and you can't help yourself if you get a little fiesty. The only change has been added to our cokes and the Diaquri cups! What would adding a little more fun do to Mardi Gras with out with out???

There is nothing like packing your drinks, lunch, snacks, blankets, chairs, coolers, and ladders for a day in Uptown with your family. It becomes an all day, all weekend adventure. Each day gets harder to get out to your spot early due to the night/day before. I am biast and want the whole world to fall in love with the festival that my city New Orleans as to offer. It is full of culture, spirit, and energy!
As we say back home...
"Laissez le Bon Temps Roulez"
-let the good times role-