Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Currently My Top List

Here are a few things I have either been doing or thinking...

1.Missing my girlfriends (and now their husbands) from High School/youth group/College
2. Enjoyed a relaxing weekend with our dearest friends at Lake Nocona.
3.Working with some amazing teens from our youth group. Go Reagan! Go Johnson! Go SVH!
4. Loving on my new class of ESLers, Refugees, and LEPers. Love them all.
5. Stretching myself to teach all levels of reading and math skills.
6. Checking on our house progress....slooooowwww like a turtle.
7. Excited to meet our new neighbors to be.
8. Learning and focusing to be a better disciple of Christ..."Bigger Than You"
9. Promoting our photography to my campus
10. STARTING the AMERICANS GIRLS CLUB for third graders!!!!
11. Involved in Student Council, Mentor teacher for UTSA teachers, new club leader,
ESL teacher, and youth group leader!