Thursday, August 9, 2012

My Second Home...

This summer has been a blast with my travels to yet again, California! I have claimed it my second home since I have spent a total of 2 weeks there this summer and I can navigate pretty much with out a map now!
This time we spent much more time inland visiting Temecula, the wine country about 40 minutes from where we were staying. Beautiful and breathtaking, Enjoyed 4 wineries and we shared wine tastings at each one.

 After enjoying some delicious and decadent wines we had to stop and eat before we fell asleep in the middle of the vineyards. We stopped at the Ponte for a cheese platter and of course another shared sample of wines.

Sunday was a day at the African Safari Park with 900 acres of land for a one-of-a- kind zoo experience. We decided to ride the caravan truck into the safari to be close to the animals. Where else can you do that?! We feed giraffes and rhinos from our own hands and learned a great deal about these sweethearts.
She loved her apple and her nose rub!
"hmmm. whatca got there?"
He was super photogenic with his long eye lashes!
 Monday after taking Chris to work I found myself back at my favorite spot and favorite beach, Torrey Pines State Reserve. It was more crowded than June for most of the peeps in Cali were in the peak of their summer and the sun is out in July. So I found myself a quieter place to lay my towel out and enjoy the sound of the waves crashing.

My last night there we ate at George's in LaJolla, the roof top restaurant is stunning and the food is to die for.  It over looks this area of the Cove with the rock and the seals.

I love him!

California it was nice this summer. Maybe I will see you again for a quick weekend trip this year. Until next summer, hold my reservation at the beach and keep growing the plump grapes.