Sunday, May 13, 2012

Out with the Old in with the New

Around our house this past month has been all about revamping our yard and the inner most being of my stress closet. (if my closet isn't clean, then my life is chaos)

The very first day we moved into our house 2 years and 4 months ago, the closet was the first organization project for me. I spent 2-3 hours setting it up, moving things around, and figuring out what spot is the most logical for getting ready.

Well now it was time to do a clean sweep, and I mean a SWEEP of the old clothes and shoes that I have had since maybe freshman year in college (9 years ago). I did exactly that and boy didn't it feel liberating!
My floor space opened up, the racks have more space, reorganized, and even color coded is some parts.

*mound of clothes will appear smaller through the camera*
 Of course I think of a before picture after I have cleaned it out. Just imagine  clothes on the floor, shoes kicked off, and bags spills over.
1000 times better until my custom design California/Ikea closet.

Chris and I have also been working on our massive front/side yard. We have had this project in our minds also for 2 years and 4 months.

We live on a corner and have the largest yard in our neighborhood, along with an enormous slab wall aka: The Great Wall of China. We are no landscape designers, but with much thought and looking at other yards and layout for ideas we began construction 2 weekends ago.

Our Accomplishments:
1. extended the front flower bed all the way along The G.W.C
2. created another flower bed along the fence
3. spread dirt in the backyard flower bed
4. spread dirt in the new front flower beds
5. spread dirt over the entire front and back yard
6. removed the old mulch from the back 
7. killed a snake that found it's way our old mulch (did I ever say snakes are my biggest fear and I was extremely close to it)
8. spread new mulch in the back flower beds

extending the flower bed

notice The Great Wall of China soon to be filled with plants and a small flowering tree

shoveling the dirt to spread onto the yard.

We have new pets living in our yard, Prairie Dogs

Helping to spread the dirt, my least favorite. I preferred shoveling.

We hope to plant our bushes and flowers some time this May. This project sure did qualify for the Weekend Warrior prize. Hope you find yourself inspired to complete a Weekend Warrior project too!
Let me know how it goes!