Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Summer Lovin

Summer just started here in our house about 2 weeks ago. I will say our house cleaning lady is not bad. She started the Monday after May 31 per request of her....it's me! That was how my first week of break started. Nothing like coming home to a clean house in my opinion.

We headed to San Diego the following week for Chris' work. I just tagged along and highly enjoyed myself. Lucked out that his boss works in this beautiful state and not in the boring mid west no offense to those of you who live or have lived in the mid west. I did a lot of quiet time in my head and I talked Chris' ear off when I picked him up.
Bon Voyage SA-Town
We stayed in the Gaslamp District the first night we arrived. Our mode of transportation for the day was a taxi, by foot, and the ferry. Coronado Island was our first objective to conquer followed by dinner downtown.
Hotel de Coronado is spectacular in it's history and by all means is was something else to see in person and not just in Disney World where I ate breakfast with Mary Poppins.

ferry to Coronado

downtown San Diego from the ferry

The first steps onto the California beach. It was as if I have always known you Mr. Beach.

The Gaslamp District at night.
Balboa Park reminded be of the Botanical Gardens but on steroids. Way big, Way more activities, and Way free to enter either to walk, run, or drive around!

Good by downtown!

 Headed to Mission Beach in our new version of the muscle car, Dodge Charger. Now Texas beaches you can sit out in the sun on the beach and sweat your butt off and you would not encounter one chilly breeze blowing your way. People don't sit on the beach in their clothes. You would last maaaybe 15 minutes before you unclothe and jump into the water to cool off. NOT in California!
I loved how people just goe to the beach to hang out, walk, sun bathe, make a campfire and they are in their regular clothes. It was like in the movies, The OC, or the show Laguna Beach. Oh how it brings back wonderful college memories  with my roomies snuggled on the couch.

Clear day at Mission Beach. 
I sure thought I wasn't going to last on the beach with the chilly breeze in my swimsuit, but some how lying down was the perfect amount of sun and breeze to feel as you hear the sound of the endless ocean.
This is the kind of sun bathing I enjoy, no sweat !
Hello La Jolla! You are a beauty!
Now this is the kind of beach I am talking about rock cliffs and beach below

The work week consisted of me dropping Chris off 3 out of the 5 days. I didn't have a problem to find things to do. Just look where I was! How could you not want to spend your days enjoying this beauty? However I did do some shopping at Marshalls. Of all places to shop I choose Marshalls b/c A. it has great deals B. San Diego has to have different brands and better selections and C. After watching the show Eastwood and Company I had to see it for myself. Verdict is...AMAZING FINDs at the one in Solona Beach.  I did enjoy a pedicure at Beachy Toes that is family owned and just down right adorable, cute presentation, and chic decorations. The owner is super friendly.

Beachy Toes
Chris and I did our after work exercise in Torrey Pines State Reserve. This place makes you want to work out and stay fit with views like this! San Diego has some very fit and active residence. I just love their life style. This is where I would spend my morning walks, my Thursday beach day as I walked 15-20 minutes to get here (a 2 min car ride), and our after work runs with the husband. 

Let's do this!
Our trail that we loved.

It ran right along the cliffs! 
 Thursday we enjoyed the San Diego County fair, "Out of This World".

We watched Kenny Loggins, the Footloose theme song, Danger Zone from Top Gun, Pooh's Corner, Caddy Shack, and more. The crowd was a bit older than Chris and I okay a lot bit older. He did put on a great show though.

I missed my dad at the rides. Chris doesn't do roller coaster, and rides that spin and turn you upside down. So I had to ride them myself. Dad you are way cooler to take to the fair. Mom can go enjoy the food part with Chris that way you and I can ride the thrills.
We did the Mirror Fun House together!

I rode this sideways, upside down, flippy-turny, spinny Monster!

Children's Beach in La Jolla
Good bye seals, good bye beach, good bye cliffs, good bye perfect weather, good bye scenery, good bye amazing houses. I will see you again I am sure of this. Until then, please work on inviting your friend the sun to stay longer.