Friday, August 10, 2012

Revamped and Improved

I needed a shelf over my tub to fill this ugly standard towel rack that was in a awkard place and not reachable from the shower. I headed out on many adventures to find the right shelf, size, color, depth, look etc. I event thought about making a shelf.

Well I went to Homegoods and found this shelf for $12.99. After much thought all it needed was paint and that we had.

I used the Hawthorn Gallery Beige from Lowes that was used in our bedroom. Thanks to my friend and co-worker, Manon, for sharing the paint color with me.

Giving a test run for placement it was too deep and stuck out beyond our shutters. I called my dad to see if he could use his miter saw to trim it down about 3 inches. Once again he pulls through with his smarts and tools.

The finish products looks perfect  in our bathroom.